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Your twelfth and last week with VISUM!

+++ Social Erasmus Clothes Swap +++ Farewell Party +++

Dear all,

The next week will be your last week with VISUM (this semester). Only two events remain:

Next Monday will be no Stammtisch but the Social Erasmus Clothes Swap, where you can exchange or donate clothes you don’t need anymore and in return get some clothes yourself!

Your tenth week with VISUM!

+++ Tanz in den Mai Stammtisch +++ Movie Night +++ Wine Hike +++ Frühlingsfest Stuttgart +++ Running Cocktail +++ Latin Party +++

Dear all,


We hope you enjoyed your semester break and are now full of energy for the upcoming VISUM events! We will start next week with the second to last Stammtisch, the Tanz in den Mai Stammtisch at the Cafe L3 on Tuesday at 8.00 pm.