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CORRECTION - VISUM Pub Crawl refunding

Dear all,

Unfortunately, there has been a little mistake in the Newletter we sent out today concerning the Pub Crawl refunding.

If you don't have a German bank account, you will receive 25€ - charges. We can't tell you the exact amount of charges, as it can vary depending on the country you are living in.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused!

Your VISUM team

Important information concerning Coronavirus

Dear all,

due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, we are very sorry to announce that we decided to cancel all our events. This concerns every single event of VISUM until April 20th, as well as VISUM goes Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest, because the spring festival in Stuttgart has been cancelled.

We know that many of you are disappointed and so are we. We hope that you get home safe if you have to leave Mannheim. In any case, we hope you stay safe.

It goes without saying that you will receive your money back for events you’ve already paid for.

Your 5th week with VISUM

-see below for german version-

Dear all,

We hope you had a good week and we are looking forward to seeing you at all our events this week.

This week, we are selling tickets for our famous VISUM Pub Crawl and VISUM goes Dresden, so make sure you come to our Stammtisch on Monday to get one (or two)!

1. VISUM Choose your own artist Stammtisch

Your 4th week with VISUM

-see below for german version-

Dear all,

We hope you enjoyed our events last week and we are happy to announce that there are more events waiting for you!

We also have THE event coming up you all have been waiting for: the VISUM Pub Crawl is coming up soon (March 17th) – it’s going to be the best night you will never remember! More information will be published soon on Facebook and our Website!

1. VISUM Tracksuit Stammtisch

Your 3rd week with VISUM

-see below for german version-


Dear all,

We hope you are getting used to living in Mannheim and we can’t wait to see you all at VISUM’s Black & White Party on Tuesday at SOHO!

Nevertheless, we have many other upcoming events this week and the weeks after:

1. VISUM Carnival Stammtisch

Your 2nd week with VISUM

-see below for german version-

Dear all,

we hope you all survived your first week of uni and hope that you are not too busy yet, because we have some great events for you:

1. VISUM Vintage Stammtisch

Time flies!
It’s already 2020, but have you ever experienced the spirit of the roaring 20s?
Join us for our Stammtisch and travel back in time with VISUM.
Let’s relive the so-called golden times together and bring back those vintage vibes!
Be our Gatsby, be our Daisy.

Where? Café L3

Your 1st week with VISUM

- See below for german version -

Dear all,

we met some of you already at our Stammtisch last Monday, at the Welcome Reception last Friday or at today’s trip to Heidelberg. We hope you enjoyed it and we are looking forward to welcome you all at our events next week.

Upcoming events:

VISUM Welcome Stammtisch:

+++ Presale for our Welcome Party from 8.30pm to 9.30pm at our Stammtisch+++

Your 11th week with VISUM!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to your 11th and last week with VISUM!

Let’s celebrate the end to a VISUMful semester at our Farewell Party on Tuesday! Please also take a few minutes to answer our survey and let us know how we did this semester!


We hope you had an awesome semester with VISUM and enjoy your last few weeks in Mannheim!


All the best,

Your VISUM Team


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