The ESNcard

The ESNcard is the membership card of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). It's valid in Europe and gives you discounts and special conditions in plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs and much more.

Who uses the ESNcard?

The ESNcard is sold exclusively by ESN VISUM Mannheim for international students for 10 Euro.  

How to get an ESNcard?

1. option: register on for your preferred date and pay online
2. option: come to the location and pay with cash

You can buy one every Monday. Check out the specific locations and time slots for the month on our Instagram channel or on our event website.

If you pick up the card we need your ID card/passport, a document proving your mobility status (such as a Learning Agreement, Acceptance Letter, etc.) and a printed colored photo of yourself. 

Do I have to register my ESNcard?
To get all discounts and vouchers we recommend to register your ESNcard here:

For more information about the ESN Card and global partners check

Local Partners:






You like good longdrinks and aperitifs? Meet our lovley partnered bar located in the middle of the bar and party scene of Mannheim. Visit the POP Bar in Jungbusch AND:

Get a free homemade shot (hazelnut-vanilla or melon) by buying a longdrink or aperitif.

Beilstraße 14, 68159 Mannheim

Find here the Instagram channel





Same but different

Good coffee, good food and a lot of vegan and vegetarian options as well? You want to know a coffee shop nearby university of Mannheim? Visit the Same but different and enjoy a experience full of happiness and healthy food options.

Get a 25% discount on all drinks.

B2 14, 68159 Mannheim

Find here the Instagram channel



Café Vienna

If you like good burgers, fries, cheese spaetzle, schnitzel and more at student-friendly prices, Café Vienna is your place to be. Meet our local partner and discover a chill student restaurant, bar and coffee shop at the same time!

Receive a free welcome shot with your visit.

S1 15, 68161 Mannheim
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Brot & Salz 

Fresh baked bread, dinellen, good coffee, cinnamon rolls and a modern ambience. All these things can you connect with our lovley partner Brot & Salz. Visit him not only in one but in four possible stores and get:

- 10 % discount on all food and drinks

And as well:
- 1 € discount on dinellen on the Schneckenhof party's (we'll tell you through our Instagram channel when our partner sell them at the partys. Stay updated!)

These stores are included with the 10% discount:

Brot & Salz Mannheim, P6 25, 68161 Mannheim
Brot & Salz Filsbach, G7 24, 68159 Mannheim
Brot & Salz Nußloch, Massengasse 93, 69226 Nußloch
Brot & Salz Heidelberg, Sofienstraße 19, 69115 Heidelberg

Find here the Instagram channel for P6
Find here the Instagram channel for G7












































More partners coming soon!