The Party Team – the name gives it away – is responsible for all things party: We basically have VISUM nightlife covered. We mainly organise the series of International Parties, which take place under a different motto every Tuesday in our partner clubs. The most infamously famous of them all is our Welcome Party, which attracts approx. 1000 party-loving exchange and Mannheim students every semester! However, we also host many other events that are not directly linked to parties like the Running Beer, Brewery Tours, VISUM goes Thingstätte as well as round tables. If you want to learn more about our team and the programme, or you already have great ideas for parties or new events, then just join one of our meetings!

And do not worry:

Co-organising the parties does not mean that you yourself have no time to celebrate: At the Farewell Party latest we can all relax, because the other two teams will take on our work!