Experience a variety of culinary specialties and share your cooking skills with us!

The concept is simple: There are two options. You’re either a master chef contestant or you’re Gordon Ramsey, giving the instructions.

If you choose to show the other members of your group how to cook a special meal from your country (feel free to add a local drink if you like), you can submit it below or send it to us by Tuesday at the latest. At the dinner, you will be the one showing your group live in our Zoom call, how to cook your recipe. The members of your group will cook it at home, in their own kitchen.

If you’d like to be cooking a new recipe you will be shown the steps by the chef of your group and just have to follow their instructions.

The groups will be matched randomly and contain 4-5 people (if you’re a vegetarian/ vegan etc., this will be taken into account and you will be matched accordingly).

If you’re the one sharing your recipe, it will be sent to your group members before the event. If you’re cooking someone else’s recipe, you will receive it in advance, so you can buy all the ingredients beforehand.  

You’re welcome to cook together with your roommate or your VISUM buddy, but please be aware of the current COVID restrictions and don’t invite more than one person.

We’re looking forward to seeing your cooking skills! And to the ones giving the instructions: Please don’t be as mean as Gordon.


You can sign up here for the VISUM Online International Dinner.

When? March 18th, 7.00 pm

Where? Virtual Room via Zoom