The VISUM Party Pass - party more for less money!

You will get your Party Pass at our Welcome Party. At every Party you visit you will get a stamp on your Pass. Collect four stamps to get free entry to our Farewell Party (14.05.2019)!

You can get a stamp at the following parties: Welcome Party (19.02.2019), Scandinavia Party (05.03.2019), Neon Party (26.03.2019, included in your PubCrawl Ticket!), 90s/2000s Party (09.04.2019), Latin Party (07.05.2019)



Only one stamp per party, one Party Pass per person and one person per Party Pass. You must pay the full entrance fee or you must be on the guest list to be eligible for a stamp. You can only get the stamp when you submit your ticket or when you pay at the club cashier. Stamping afterwards is not possible. So don't forget your Pass!

VISUM e.V. reserves the right to refuse the Party Pass if fraud is suspected.